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Best Countries to Form an Offshore Company

Where to form an offshore company? 

We are always looking for the Best.

In the world of offshore formation however, there is no single "best".

What is best, is what is best for you.

What is best for one person may not be best for the other.

And so, with that in putting together this list, it is purely for the you to start getting an idea of what is out there, and what type of benefits each country gives, so that you can find what suits your needs.

Trying to find what is best for you, can be an overwhelming task, however, this list is what we think is the best.

Why, do you ask?

We rated this according to price, cost, offshore banking possibilities, as well as privacy and ease of conducting business.

And so.

The Best Offshore Jurisdictions to form an offshore country are:

1. Panama

2. Nevis

3. Dominica

4. UK

5. Scotland

While the top 3 are well known countries, some of you might be wondering why Scotland and the UK have made it into the tope 5 list of best places to form an offshore company.

The reason is simple.

Offshore jurisdictions are found in every part of the world and are formed when circumstances exist that create favorable business environment.

No matter where the country is located.

Many of you would also be shocked in hearing that Delaware, USA is actually one of the better known offshore tax havens in the world. 

Although it is rarely talked about and doesn't get into the headlines like Panama does.

The difference in forming a company in a place like the UK or Scotland in comparison to Bahamas, what we can call a traditional offshore tax haven is that, these countries exist in a modern onshore financial environment, and yet carry much of the same benefits that come in a Caribbean haven, yet without any of the commonly negative associations (which are completely unjustified) that come when incorporating in a place like the Bahamas.

The UK for instance, and London in particular is one of the worlds most widely known financial centers and yet, many would not suspect that an UK LLC can be used in much the same way an LLC is used in one of the most popular offshore destinations, Nevis.

Though there are some differences, that we wont go into here, the main issue, is that onshore, is quickly becoming the new offshore.

What that means, is that onshore jurisdictions, have made it possible to exist an conduct themselves in way to attract foreign capital, without being listed as a traditional offshore tax haven.